Ambient Environment

Lighting, shading, thermostats, door locks, motorized bug screens, IP cameras and more. All devices that enhance your comfort and living environment, but typically don’t get a second look. These can be integrated, programmed and made smart with automated controls so they work together to enhance your ambient environment whether you are home or away.

This expanded wireless total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout your home. The system can also turn off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

Flexible, Scalable, Reliable

Choose from a variety of wireless components to customize and expand your system from a single room to your whole home. Seamlessly integrate with the full line of Lutron wireless shades and drapes, as well as occupancy / vacancy sensors and Lutron thermostats, for total home control.

Safety & Comfort: Inside and Out

Conveniently turn on your lights from the comfort of your car as you approach your home. Create a path of light from your entryway through your kitchen, so you’ll never walk into a dark house again.

Learning Thermostats, Cameras, doorbells, locks and smoke + CO Alarm. Nest has an ecosystem that works together to keep you connected and comfortable. As Nest Pro installers, we can take care of your install and setup.